An Easy Way to Save Money on Pet Supplies

Since my surgery last November, it’s been difficult to lift anything heavy, so I’ve recently decided to start purchasing pet supplies online. After all, trying to lug heavy litter boxes and cans of cat food off the grocery store shelves can be a real pain.

This is another one of those examples, where I probably won’t be able to beat the in-store price, but not having to pick up heavy litter and cat food is worth the extra dollar or two. Nonetheless I researched my options and started purchasing gift cards online at a reasonable discount, usually 10 – 20% off the face value. Since cat food and litter don’t expire for months, I hold on to the gift cards until online coupons become available from or Once I see a sale I stock up on supplies, buying cases and cases of cans, dry food, and litter. That way I only have to pay the shipping cost once, and I don’t have to worry about my cats running out of food or litter. Plus the delivery guy brings everything right to my door, where my husband can lug it into the house and down the steps for me.

I did have to pay a surplus charge during my recent purchase from but the cost was only $8.00. I figured the 20% online coupon and 20% savings on the gift card made up for the $8.00 charge. Plus was running a special rate on purchases through Through fatwallet I received an additional 9% back from my recent pet food purchase.

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