An Error In Our Favor

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary at a Hyatt not too far from where we live. We considered getting married there back in 2004 and stayed in this particular hotel at least three or four times since we first visited.

This time I was lured to the hotel by a letter from the Hyatt that offered $100 off hotel services. The Hyatt’s advertising definitely caught my attention and convinced me to book a night. If I hadn’t received their invitation in the mail I can honestly say I wouldn’t have thought about staying there. I really wanted a prenatal massage, (I haven’t had a massage since two weeks before I found out I was pregnant), and knew the $100 credit would just about cover the cost of it.

When I booked the room I decided to spend an extra $20 dollars on a package that offered $40 worth of food and beverage credits. One of my favorite things about staying in a hotel is ordering room service. Nothing seems to hit the spot like an ice cream sundae or a sandwich at 11 o’clock at night. This is certainly more true now that I’m nine months pregnant! Room service always costs a lot of money and I knew we’d easily order $20 worth of food, so I booked the deal and didn’t spend another second thinking about it.

When we checked in the hotel staff provided us with a sheet of paper describing the details of the package that I ordered. It had been awhile since I booked the room so I couldn’t remember exactly what was included.

The details included $40 worth of food and beverage credit, a $15 movie credit and a special dessert that could be ordered by calling room service. When we ordered room service we mentioned the special dessert and hotel staff arrived twenty minutes later with a bucket of sparkling wine and chocolate strawberries with whipped cream and brown sugar. After devouring the food my husband picked a movie and we snuggled in to watch it.

When I looked over the bill the following morning I noticed that we did not receive the $15 movie credit and asked the front desk about it. It turns out that the staff made an error in our favor. The original package I purchased only included $40 worth of food and beverage credits, not the strawberries, sparking wine or $15 entertainment credit.

Since we’d already watched the movie and eaten the goodies the hotel really had no choice but to offer us the upgraded package at no extra cost, but it was nice that they made good on the deal without any extra hassle or fuss. The upgraded package would have cost $35 more than the one I selected.

The extra goodies definitely helped make our anniversary celebration even more special. The fact that we didn’t have to pay for them was like extra icing on the cake!

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