Anniversary Ideas?

I caught my husband googling for anniversary ideas. Our anniversary is on Friday and I thought we might roll the celebration into Saturday afternoon and evening, but it turns out that my husband will be busy with a photography shoot on Saturday down in Virginia. So now the rush is on to plan activities for Friday evening. I’m sure we’ll find something unique to do in DC or Baltimore, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask for suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Anniversary Ideas?”

  1. Do something HE would love…focus on a favorite food or activity. He’d be thrilled. My husband is a wonderful guy, but is much more excited about going to the latest shoot-em-up movie than he would be about an opera!
    If you focus on him, that is one of the sweetest expressions of love you can convey. Happy Anniversary!

  2. I’ve always been a big fan of staying in on my anniversary because you can make things more relaxed and comforting. Of course, if you have kids then going out is a viable option. We would usually go to a mutually favorite restaurant (if the sitter was at our house, if at my mothers, we’d stay in – it was cheaper that way anyways), and then spend the evening wandering around at a local mall, or something, just browsing, don’t have to actually spend anything. But the time we spent just being together was always nice and relaxing. We got to just talk. 6 months till our next anniversary – can’t wait! šŸ˜€


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