Answers to Those Mind Boggling Financial Questions

Have you ever wondered whether you should pay off a credit card or fund your 401(k)? Save in a Roth 401(k) or a regular 401(k)? Lease a car or buy one? Prepay your mortgage or invest? Buy a home or rent one? Take Social Security early or late?

I have wondered about a number of these questions quite often and have run my own calculations a number of times. In fact, it seems my husband and I discuss the mortgage issue at least a few times a year.

Well today Money provides the pros and cons of each of these options. You can check out their very informative article here.

2 thoughts on “Answers to Those Mind Boggling Financial Questions”

  1. I was wondering once about Roth vs 401k and found that particular calculator on Money. I played with it for a long time – ’twas fun. It made me wish I had been a bit more aggressive when I first started saving. Oh well ..


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