Are You Willing to Spend More for Clean Energy?

A few weeks ago I received our rate renewal form from our electric supply company. I read over the documentation and noticed that there were two options available.

Here are the original rates in the renewal notice I received:

  • .0929 per kWH for 5% wind
  • .097 per kWH for 50% wind

As you can see if I want to receive 50% of my electricity from a renewable source, (in this case wind), I have to pay more per kWH hour. Here is some information on wind power from the company who provides my electricity.

Wind power, the world’s fastest growing energy resource, displaces conventional power, reduces carbon dioxide and your carbon footprint, and helps eliminate air pollution problems such as smog and acid rain. Plus, wind is an unlimited resource with an unlimited supply! 

I googled wind powered energy and after reading some very interesting details about wind farms I decided that I was willing to pay a higher premium for clean, renewable energy. Of course, before sending in the renewal form I called the electric supply company to inquire about rates. I also researched comparable rates for other companies offering clean energy alternatives.

Over the phone I was provided with the following rates:

  • .088 per kWH for 5% wind
  • .092 per kWH for 50% wind

I had already decided to select the 50% wind option, but hearing the new rate sealed the deal. I received the environmentally friendly choice at less than I would have paid for only 5% wind power, (.092 versus .0929), if I had sent in the original renewal form.

I certainly could have saved more money by choosing traditional energy sources, but from an environmental perspective I feel good about my decision.

So what about you? Would you be willing to spend more money for clean, renewable energy?

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