As usual I have underestimated the cost of things…

Yesterday I went to a Michaels not too far from my home with a very simple goal in mind. I am throwing a baby shower for a friend of mine and decided it would be nice to create a scrapbook of the momentous occasion. I bought a scrapbook album, ten sheets of scrapbook paper, a couple of small doo-dads like pink flowers and white daisies, a set of alphabet stamps, and a couple of stamps in the shapes of baby carriages and baby bottles. I walked out of the store with a whole bunch of stuff and $28 fewer dollars. I always seem to underestimate the cost of items.

On the bright side I got to spend the day setting up the backdrops of each of the scrapbooking pages. So that by the time the shower rolls around I can snap a whole bunch of pictures of friends and family. Once I print them, I’ll have just the right spots in my scrapbook to print and paste them. I think it’ll be a nice way for the mother-to-be to remember the big day.

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