Baby Gifts: The Generosity of Family

A few weeks ago I received a rather large box in the mail from extended members of my husband’s family that live a few states away. It contained a plethora of gifts all wrapped in distinctive baby paper with beautiful ribbons and bows. (I had to take the ribbons off, because my cat seems to think they are toys :-()

Inside was a beautiful note written to my husband and I. It explained that the box contained baby gifts for our soon-to-be little one and that we were to open a gift each time we visited the OB/GYN. The note went on to say that the gift giver was passing on this family tradition, as a sister-in-law had done this for her over 40 years ago when she had her first child.

The generosity doesn’t end there. The gift giver asked how many more doctors visits we expect to have between now and the time the little one is born. I provided a rough estimate and she shipped along another box of gifts that arrived a few days ago!

Now, each time I return home from a doctor’s visit, I get to open a gift in honor of the baby! I cannot believe the generosity of a family member I only see once every year or so. I am so happy that other members of the family are embracing this baby so wholeheartedly before it even arrives.

It’s another example of the blessings of my life!

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