Baby Related Expenses… Am I Done Yet?

I dropped a wad of dough on a few more baby related items tonight. In essence I purchased a few last minute essentials I thought we needed to gather before the baby arrives.

If all goes well I plan to put the baby to sleep in a co-sleeper that will attach to the side of my bed. Some people have said it’s impossible to sleep with the baby so close, others have told me it’s so much easier to breast feed if the little one is laying right beside you. I’ve decided to keep the baby in the same room and will only move to the crib if necessary.

I received a co-sleeper at my baby shower, but I wanted to buy organic sheets and an organic mattress for it. Arms Reach, (the company that makes the co-sleeper), really twist the arms of their buyers, by charging an arm and a leg for everything associated with this little bed.

I had to buy leg extensions, because the co-sleeper wasn’t the right height for our queen sized bed. I had to buy sheets, because it only came with one. Of course, I splurged and purchased organic ones and then decided to throw in an organic mattress, because the one that comes with the bassinet doesn’t look particularly comfy. All of this cost me more than double the price of the actual co-sleeper itself!

Once the shopping bug started I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I also purchased organic sheets and mattress pads for the crib, (where I hope the baby will take naps), glass baby bottles, bottle racks, an organic changing pad, organic changing pad covers and an extra breastfeeding pillow so I can keep a feeding station both upstairs and downstairs.

Add in the cost of the breast pump and you are looking at hundreds of dollars worth of baby supplies. I purchased the majority of items from Babies-R-Us and Amazon. I intended to buy everything at Amazon, but thanks to yesterday’s Cyber Sale at Babies-R-Us some items were cheaper there. Luckily I was able to cash out our credit card reward points for gift cards to both stores and only paid $250 or so out of pocket. My FSA account will cover the breast pump costs with pretax dollars, which will definitely help.

The good news is that I now feel like I have just about everything I need for this little one to come into the world. I’m sure there will be tons of things I’ll realize I forgot or need along the way, but for now our base camp feels fully stocked!

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  1. I'm due with my first in November and am also registered at Amazon (love that site) and BRU. Most of my registry stuff is on Amazon because the prices are better and almost always in stock. BRU is mainly for the people who want to go to a brick and mortar store to pick up gifts and shy away from internet shopping.


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