Back to Home Cooked Meals

I haven’t bought or paid for dinner for the last four days. On Friday, we headed to my in-laws for a backyard barbecue, followed by dinner out with my parents on Saturday, back to my in-laws on Sunday and finally leftovers from Saturday’s dinner on Monday evening. I was rather happy to let others do the cooking and buying over the past couple of days.

It felt good to be back in the kitchen tonight, although I did briefly consider ordering a pizza, before turning to the fridge. While I was preparing dinner I took a look through the pantry and freezer to see what staples we have on hand. We have a good deal of food on the shelves and I’m almost certain we have enough to make at least a week’s worth of meals. I’ll need to make a run to the store for salad and veggies but otherwise I think we have everything we need.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had our fair share of expenses. We paid car insurance, homeowners insurance, property taxes and a recurrent medical bill. We also unexpectedly purchased a new refrigerator and stove. Add to all of that my husband’s new camera equipment and it is easy to see why our checking account balance is quickly dwindling.

So tomorrow I’ll be searching for recipes that utilize the ingredients we have on hand. I have a feeling we’ll be making tacos for dinner. That recipe has become a staple in our household. What else is a girl to do with excess sour cream, chicken, and cheese?

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  1. While I don’t care for doing the extra dishes, I do generally prefer home-cooked food to pre-prepared or fast food.


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