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One of these days I plan to create the essential baby list for new moms. When I created my baby registry I read the reviews on Amazon and asked a lot of friends and family members for advice, but now that my son is three months old I have a much better idea of what I really needed and what products I could not live without.

One of the items I bought before my son arrived was a HUGE box of disposable nursing pads. I wasn’t particularly happy with this purchase, because it wasn’t the best choice for the environment, but I really wasn’t sure which alternatives would work as well.

It took my son a little while to master the art of latching on. Actually, he took to one side without any problem, but had the darnedest time getting used to the other. One side was always a lot more sore and a lot more leaky than the other.

So I pulled out that big old box of disposable nursing pads and nearly cried the first day I tried to use them. The glue wasn’t sticky enough to keep them in place, they didn’t seem to absorb much liquid and they were unbelievably scratchy and painful to wear.

I tried to use those awful pads for a full week before giving up on them completely. Without knowing where to turn I resorted to stuffing my bra with burp cloths which were much softer and more absorbent, but made my chest look all lumpy and thick under my clothes.

Finally I turned to the power of the Internet and came across Bamboobies®. Bamboobies® nursing pads are unbelievably soft and absorbent. I bought the regular and overnight pads, but the overnight ones were definitely my favorite in the first weeks and months of nursing. They are extra thick and large, which helps them stay in place and cover all of the necessary areas without slipping off while you’re sleeping. Also, because they are made of bamboo they don’t get the ‘cold and clammy’ feeling of wet cotton.

 I can’t say enough good things about these products. I love them so much that I just bought a few packs of them for two up and coming baby showers. I think they are a must have for any breast feeding mother.

One lucky One Frugal Girl reader will win a $16.99 credit to Bamboobies® to purchase their own set of nursing pads. If you don’t need nursing pads the credit can be applied to any one of the other product on their site, which includes swaddle blankets, baby carriers, nursing covers and more.

To enter check out Bamboobies® online and leave a comment letting me know which product you’d purchase with the $16.99 credit. You must complete this entry to be entered.

You can earn additional entries by performing any of the following:

Simply leave a separate comment for each action you complete. One winner will be selected by random number on February 20th. If you don’t win you can purchase Bamboobies® and other Bamboobies® related merchandise online. Use coupon code FRUGAL20 for an additional 20% off at checkout!

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