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Last week’s phone call got me thinking about replacing some of the beds in my beach home. I’d like to replace two twin mattresses with two full beds, so renters and guests will have a little more room to spread out. I measured the room on Monday morning and I’m pretty sure the larger beds will fit. I’m not sure if this will increase our rental income, but I figure it never hurts to provide a slightly larger bed for our guests.

I’d like to replace the mattresses and purchase two new headboards. I went online in search of bargains and found a whole bunch of bed sets that fit the feel and decor of our home. Most of the bedroom furniture in our home is wooden and white so I’m looking for something similar that will withstand the force and carelessness of renters.

I really like the look of this bed

and this one.

I have no idea how much I should expect to pay for new beds. I found some really good prices online, but I wonder if I could attain better discounts by shopping in local stores. I’m also in need of a new futon and a few kitchen stools and I wonder if a furniture store might offer me a bulk discount for purchasing multiple items. I figure it can’t hurt to walk into a furniture store with a few pictures and ask what they might charge me for similar items.

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  1. I would look locally (in NC, I mean). There are tons of furniture outlets in the state. Hickory is a good place to start. My sister bought furniture from an outlet in Hickory and paid less to have it shipped to FL than she would have paid to buy it in FL.

  2. Get the bed with underdrawer storage! Your renters will appreciate the extra space…and/or you will have a perfect spot to store extra towels, linens, etc. without messing up the room.
    But I would check your local Craigslist before buying the beds new. There are a number of good buys on good-quality furniture that will be just as new-looking in a few weeks as if you'd bought it out of the showroom. And at much lower prices.

  3. @Pam – Isn't NC the mecca of furniture?

    @Cindy – I'm really interested in extra drawer storage. I'm just not sure if I'll have enough room to open the drawers.


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