Book Review: LIFE: Sentiments & Realities

Life Sentiments and Realities

Book Synopsis:

“Reality is burdensome to the undisciplined mind and so people avoid it by constantly seeking fun and distractions, albeit living confusedly. In adult life, we must train our minds to be watchful, thoughtful and resolute. We cannot alter what is, nor shape ­people and events to our liking; putting much effort into that is a sure path to frustration. Rather, we must set our minds to ­reconcile our actions to what is, rather than what we expect things to be.”

Instructive judgement, practical counsel, eternal truths and unconventional tactics to attain a fulfilled and happy life is what the author of the book, LIFE: Sentiments & Realities, offers the reader. In this book, Chris shares his insightful, combative, tough-minded and pragmatic thoughts on some basic life issues, encouraging the reader to choose a realistic rather than sentimental approach to life and, in so doing, achieve a robust, successful and happy life.

My Thoughts:

This is an extremely short book, only 115 pages, that can be read quickly in one sitting. It read rather like a stream of consciousness to me. A list of thoughts on topics that include: religion, business, love, friends, family, solitude, patience, work and happiness.

I was not a huge fan of this book. I simply did not like the matter of fact tone with which the author stated his beliefs and thoughts. For example, in the family section he wrote “family must be 100%.” There is something about the term must that rubbed me the wrong way. There are many sentiments that read in a similar fashion. It felt very much like I was reading the words of someone who would be unwilling to bend and compromise. There were many ‘my-way or the highway‘ revelations that I simply disagreed with.

For example, I consider myself an extremely patient person, but I disagreed with the notion that “anyone that has mastered patience is firm and is a master of self and everything else.” The generalizations throughout the book are broad sweeping and in my experience quite untrue.

I was very excited to find a book offering the ideals of a robust, successful and happy life, but this book did not invoke that feeling for me.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for free, but the opinions I have expressed are my own.

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