Book Review: The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

I’m always open to free book offers and I jumped at the chance to listen to an audio version of the Money Saving Mom’s Budget. The title of the book is a bit limiting as it would actually apply to anyone out there, not just moms. The book got it’s title from the fact that the author, Crystal Paine, writes for a blog called the Money Saving Mom. I’m sure she kept the name the same so her readers could find it, but I think she might have been better off calling it something more well rounded. Since I’m a mom and trying to save money it works for me, but the book would also be applicable to a single man without any children.

The book focuses on various topics like budgeting, couponing, menu planning, organizing and simple living. I would consider this book like a beginner’s guide to these topics because she touches on the surface of each but doesn’t dig too into depth about any of them. The goal of the book appears to be an overall view of how to cut costs and save money.

My favorite parts of the book were Crystal’s focus on simple living and being happy with the life you already have. She also provides concrete examples of how to plan ahead to eliminate the stresses of daily life.

All in all I enjoyed listening to Crystal’s book. If you are a reader of The Money Saving Mom you’ll hear much of the same advice you can find in her blog, but it’s consolidated into easy to follow chapters. If you aren’t familiar with the basics of couponing and simple living you might want to give Crystal’s book a read.

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