Brain Surgery Updates

My sister-in-law is recovering slowly from her brain surgery on Monday. Thankfully the surgeon believes he cut out the entire tumor and that the tumor is Grade I (not cancerous). We’ll need to wait for the biopsy results to know for sure.

Unfortunately, her recovery is not going as well as we expected. She performed beautifully during the craniotomy but was unable to speak or move her right side shortly after the surgeons sewed her back up. She was able to write down a few things yesterday. (Thankfully she is left-handed.)

Despite her lack of speech yesterday she did say a few words today. Thankfully her MRI and CT scan have come out clear, (no signs of a stroke), so we pray she will continue to progress quickly. We are hopeful that her medical problems will continue to subside and that she will regain more and more functionality each day. The surgery was only yesterday and we must remind ourselves to be patient while her body recovers.

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