Capturing the Moments As They Occur

I’ve taken thousands of photographs in the past year and a half. From the time my son was born until he turned one I pulled out the camera and photographed him every other day. My initial photos aren’t particularly good. My husband was the photographer in the family and until my son was born I felt little need to pick up a camera.

But once that little guy came into our lives I couldn’t seem to resist the urge to photograph him. There are pictures on blankets, propped up in chairs and sleeping peacefully in his crib. There are pictures holding stuffed animals, learning to lift his chin off the floor and stretching out his fingers for the very first time.

A few months ago I searched through thousands of photographs to create a book of my favorites. I quickly found that one book simply wouldn’t be enough to hold all of my favorite images. I ended up creating four books, breaking them down into four month periods. It’s amazing to watch the transformation of my son’s face over a year and a half. The wrinkles of his first days and the chubbiness that followed are a thing of the past. Every day he looks less and less like a baby and more and more like a little boy.

I love creating prints and placing them on the refrigerator. My son points to the images and I recite the names of the people we’ve photographed beside him.

Awhile back my husband went through a phase of printing images on canvas and our living room now has three or four colorful prints hung on the walls. I kind of forget about them until a new guest comes to our home and admires them.

I’d like to add a few more to our collection and decided to use Easy Canvas Prints to create the photo prints. I’ve used a number of printing places in the past, but I like their easy to use ordering process and the prints turn out exactly as you would expect.

Last year I surprised my husband with a canvas print of one of my favorite photographs. It’s a simple picture of a sailboat at sunset, but it reminds me of North Carolina, a place I dearly love.

Now I just need to pick out the photographs I want to print. With thousands of photos to choose from I’m having a hard time narrowing down my absolute favorites and as I take new pictures I find more and more photographs to love.

Do you take a lot of photographs? If so, do you keep them in digital format or do you print a few?

Note: I received a free canvas for blogging about Easy Canvas Prints but the opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Capturing the Moments As They Occur”

  1. I also have thousands of digital photos of my daughter. A lot of them may seem so mundane to others (pictures of her eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, playing, etc.) but to me, they are so precious and capture how she’s grown over the past 19 months. I’m so glad we have the technology to conveniently record these moments in time. I don’t have many photos printed–I keep them all on my computer (in my iPhoto library) and I also have two backups on external hard drives to minimize the chances of losing anything. That’s a good idea to create books of your favorite photos. I think I’ll also pick out one or two to print and frame.

  2. I also found a very cool link to a personalized photo book. A woman made a book (A-Z) that included pictures of her daughter with all of her favorite things. Eating an apple for ‘A’, hugging her bear for ‘B’, etc. I’d like to create one of those too. It’s good to enjoy their little faces in print and see just how much they change from day to day.


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