Living With Less: How to Live Simply

I spend a few minutes searching for minimalist ideas and find thousands of pictures of clean, sparsely decorated homes with bright white walls and empty countertops. I’m irresistibly drawn to those stark images. I subscribe to minimalist lifestyle blogs and scour the Internet in search of advice about purging my possessions and living with less. … Read more

Know Your Worth: Value Yourself Beyond Money

Most of us don’t love our jobs, so why do we start every new conversation with the question, “What do you do?” Why do we place the focus of our first interaction on work and job titles? Is your job really the most important thing about you? American culture emphasizes work, but this can create … Read more

How To Enjoy Life & Live to the Fullest Without Money

I sit on the floor, surrounded by a group of smiling first graders. “What do you want to be when you grow up,” I ask. Their hands shoot up high into the air as they enthusiastically call out their answers. “A doctor.” “A nurse.” “A basketball player.” “A builder.” “A teacher.” “A zookeeper.” They are … Read more