blogging recap

Blogging Recap & Reflections for 2020

The year 2020 is coming to a close and hoo-boy this year was a messy one. I planned to focus a lot more time on my blog, but homeschooling put a wrench into those plans. As a result this blogging recap is a bit shorter than last year’s. Last year I wrote sixty-eight posts. This … Read more

Why Should You Start a Blog Today?

“Why do you blog?” a reporter recently asked me. “What made you want to start a blog about money?” “I didn’t start writing about money,” I said in response. “I didn’t create a blog to help others seek financial fortune or to document my journey. For the first few months, I didn’t write about money … Read more

blogging recap

Blogging Recap & Reflections: What a Year!

I finished out 2019 with sixty-eight blog posts. That’s a whole lot more than I thought I would complete. It’s so many that I decided to pat myself on the back and write up a blogging recap for the year. My goal is not to write multiple times per week or even every week for … Read more

The Power of Human Connection (A FinCon 2019 Recap)

I began blogging about personal finance in 2006. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been writing since the beginning of time or at least since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. After all these years you would think I’m a FinCon pro, but nope, up until last weekend I had never attended the event. From day one I … Read more

My Anonymous Blog: Four Reasons I Blog Anonymously

If a reporter from a world renowned publication interviewed you and asked your name would you provide it? Maybe you are wondering who in their right mind wouldn’t. That’s when I slowly raise my hand and say “me.” Anonymous Blog At this point in time I am unwilling to reveal my identity. Here are the … Read more

How Did This Little Blog Make Me a Millionaire?

Are you on the path to Financial Independence or FIRE? Do you feel the desire to save a large percentage of your income or stop yourself from wasteful spending? Have you read other personal finance blogs and listened intently for money-saving tips in podcasts? Are you excited to start on your adventure but not quite … Read more

Are You a Member of the In Crowd?

As a child I always cleaned my room before starting my homework. Even now I typically fold the laundry, empty the dishwasher and straighten up my children’s odds and ends before sitting down to work. I function better when horizontal spaces are free of clutter and vertical spaces are empty. I relish the sight of … Read more

How the Blogging Landscape Has Changed

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away I started writing this blog. Wait, wait, wait. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t in another galaxy, but right here on planet earth and maybe it wasn’t so long ago, but 2006 seems like ancient times doesn’t it? Especially since every FIRE blog I read, says “hey … Read more

Vote for Me

Here is a little self-promotion for the day. My post is currently live in the Rockstar Rumble, which pits personal finance articles against one another in a March madness type bracket. Please visit this link. Then check the box for Empowerment and click the vote button. I’d love to make it to the next round!

Why Do You Tell Your Story?

A lot of non-bloggers, and bloggers for that matter, question the motivation of those who write blogs. And these days with the invention of Google ads and affiliate marketing it’s easy to see why. If a PF (personal finance) or FI (financial independence) blogger encourages readers to save 50% of their income than why are … Read more