Blogging Recap & Reflections for 2020

The year 2020 is coming to a close and hoo-boy this year was a messy one. I planned to focus a lot more time on my blog, but homeschooling put a wrench into those plans. As a result this blogging recap is a bit shorter than last year’s.

Last year I wrote sixty-eight posts. This year I finished just over forty.

The Hardest to Write:

Received the Most Heartfelt Comments & Emails:

2020 Special Honors

Finding a Money Mentor was included in the August 2020 issue of Simple Money Magazine. I’ve been reading Joshua Becker’s blog Becoming Minimalist since shortly after it’s creation. I was giddy as can be when his email request reached my inbox!

Blogging Recap (All Posts in Chronological Order):

  1. Live Simply, Quit Your Job and Follow Your Dreams
  2. Family Financial Meeting: A Step By Step Guide
  3. Chronic Illness: A Driving Force to Financial Independence
  4. How Many Pennies in a Roll? The Value of Coin Rolling
  5. Feeling Positive in Spite of Coronavirus
  6. How to Prepare for a Recession: Steps to Take Now
  7. Take Control of Your Life When Life Feels Out of Control
  8. Life After the Pandemic: What Will Change For You?
  9. Press the Pause Button and Stop Living Life on Autopilot
  10. Be Content With What You Have: Redefine Enough
  11. When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way: Rethink Your Life Plan
  12. Emotionally Attached to Money: The Scarcity Mindset
  13. Addition By Subtraction: Gaining More With Less
  14. Money Mentor: Finding a Financial Mentor You Trust
  15. Money Problems: Married to a Selfish Husband
  16. School Options, Homeschool and COVID-19
  17. Chasing the Wind: In Search of the Wrong Pursuits
  18. The Value of Money: It’s Much More Than You Think
  19. Honest Financial Conversations in Difficult Times
  20. Can Money Buy Happiness? How to Measure Your Joy
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  21. Homeschooling for the First Time
  22. Invisalign Cost: How to Find the Best Price for Invisalign
  23. Intentional Living the Key to Health, Wealth & Happiness
  24. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
  25. Can You Have a Healthy Relationship Without Arguments or Fights?
  26. Living Mortgage Free: Debt-Free for Life
  27. The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage
  28. What is the Best Part of Achieving Financial Freedom?
  29. I Don’t Want a Career Anymore. What Should I Do Now?
  30. Could Thinking About Death Be Good For Us?
  31. Life is Messy: How Can We Embrace the Messy Parts?
  32. How Much Should I Spend on Groceries?
  33. Frugal Living: How to Trim Expenses Without Feeling Deprived
  34. How to Achieve FIRE and Financial Independence
  35. How to Track Your Expenses and Manage Your Money
  36. Why Should You Start a Blog Today?
  37. Money Toys, Games, and Books for Young Kids
  38. Celebrating a Minimalist Christmas This Year
  39. How Much Control Do We Have Over Our Financial Success?
  40. Choose Financial Empathy and End Money Shame
  41. Reflecting on Financial Mistakes
  42. Searching for Silver Linings During a Pandemic

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who shared my posts, left comments, or emailed me this year. I take all of your thoughts and words to heart! It was a crazy year and I appreciate all the love.

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