Starting a New Tradition This Fourth of July

Before I had children I adored the 4th of July. In fact, as a kid it was probably one of my favorite holidays. Who wouldn’t love swimming in a pool all afternoon, eating butter drenched corn on the cob, staying up long past bedtime and watching a thrilling display of fireworks? As a teenager my … Read more

Planning a Birthday with Paperless Post

When it comes to parenting sometimes time moves fast and other times it moves so incredibly slow. As a stay-at-home mom the minutes and hours of some days seem to crawl, but when I look back over my time as a parent I must admit that the years sped by. My eldest is turning seven … Read more

A Belated Valentine

My husband says I don’t thank him enough. He’s absolutely right! On a day-to-day basis I often fail to tell him how thankful I am to be his wife. We’ve known each other for nearly nineteen years and I am often amazed at how well we’ve continued to grow together. When you are young you … Read more

Birthday Party for a Three Year Old – Yay or Nay?

Last year I threw a birthday party for my son that included close family and three of his little friends and their associated families. I considered inviting his friends this year but the guest list began growing out of control. If I invite friends from preschool then I feel the need to invite the entire … Read more

Planning a Party on a Budget

Ever since our little one arrived I’ve been thinking about planning a party to celebrate his entrance into our lives. This wouldn’t be a baby shower, but rather a celebration of life party. In essence, it’s an excuse to get our friends and family together to share in our joy and excitement. If we decide … Read more

Will We Finally Send Out Holiday Cards This Year?

Every year since my husband and I first got married we’ve talked about mailing holiday cards to our friends and family. Yet, somehow, despite the best intentions, we’ve failed to accomplish this task. We’ve come up with every excuse under the sun, but the truth of the matter is that my husband is always behind … Read more

A Comprehensive List of Birthday Freebies…

From the end of March until the beginning of June birthdays abound in our household. In search of birthday outing ideas I pulled up Google and went in search of birthday related freebies. My search resulted in a large and comprehensive list. If you are looking to stretch your birthday dollars definitely check out this … Read more