how to tell someone you don't like their gift

How to Tell Someone You Don’t Like Their Gift

What do you do when someone gives you a gift you don’t like? Every Christmas, we inevitably receive a bunch of gifts we don’t want to keep. Sometimes we receive a gift slip in the box, but usually, we have no way of returning the items we receive. Many times we don’t even know where … Read more

do you have to buy a gift off the registry

Is It Rude to Buy Gifts That Aren’t on the Registry?

Oh, it’s summertime, the time for bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, and even a few baby showers. Over the years, I’ve attended many weddings and showers where gift registries have run the gamut from ridiculously expensive to downright cheap. One bride I know registered at both Bloomingdale’s and Target. She thought wealthier guests would purchase … Read more

cashier gave me too much change

The Cashier Gave Me Too Much Change: What Should I Do?

If a cashier handed you too much change, would you keep it? Does the amount of the mistake matter? For instance, would you keep an extra $5 but return an additional $100?  The Cashier Gave Me an Extra Ten Dollars with My Change ABC News Primetime ran an experiment to determine what people would do when … Read more