The Freedom of Less

A member of the family is house hunting. His goal is to find a well priced home with a minimum of five bedrooms and four bathrooms. So far he seems most interested in houses with at least 2500 square feet. A few of the houses have been more than double the size of mine, which … Read more

Mortgage Countdown

It has been nearly three years since I left the work force. While I wake up every morning feeling happy about my place in this world my husband wakes up feeling miserable. Quite frankly he doesn’t like his job. He wakes up slowly and trudges off to work praising the weekends and telling me they never come … Read more

Counting Down the Days

Two years after graduating from college I bought a house. For once in my life I didn’t struggle to make a decision. I acquired financing with my boyfriend and signed my name on the dotted line five days after turning twenty-two. The down payment came in part from money I’d saved in college. The rest came from a … Read more

A Mortgage Free Celebration: A Party For Your Pay Off

If you were about to pay off your mortgage would you throw a party to celebrate? It’s an interesting question for me. Although my last post may have been viewed as bragging, (at least I received one email letting me know it was perceived that way), I am not usually one to toot my own horn … Read more

Running the Refinance Numbers: $150,000 in Savings

We considered refinancing our home loans quite a few times over the last few years. We refinanced both of our properties in 2009, but rates continued to fall to historical lows between now and then. We went back and forth about paying extra principal or refinancing a couple of times. Finally as the rates continued … Read more

10 Years and Counting Til We’re Mortgage Free

It’s official… 10 years and 2 months from now my husband and I should be mortgage free. We recently refinanced our beach home from a 15 year fixed mortgage at 4.5% to a 10 year fixed at 3.5% (Note: interest rates on second homes are typically higher than on primary residences.) In the next month … Read more

Debt. To the Tune of $600,000.

I’d like to say I don’t have any debt, but for now my desire and reality are not one and the same. $600,000 is an enormous amount of money and it’s roughly how much I currently owe. In fact, it’s such a large sum that it’s difficult to wrap my head around. How on earth … Read more

Refinance Update

It seems as though my husband and I won’t be refinancing after all. I considered shrinking our mortgage from 15 to 10 years, but decided that the cash flow issues were not worth the additional interest savings.   At the end of the day I simply couldn’t convince myself to take on more monthly payments … Read more