A Mortgage Free Celebration: A Party For Your Pay Off

If you were about to pay off your mortgage would you throw a party to celebrate? It’s an interesting question for me. Although my last post may have been viewed as bragging, (at least I received one email letting me know it was perceived that way), I am not usually one to toot my own horn in real life.

When I purchased my beach house I didn’t tell my close friends or family. While my husband and I have worked hard to secure our finances I also know that we have been quite fortunate in life. I certainly didn’t want my success to make anyone else feel bad, so I kept my home a secret for nearly a year.

When I finally leaked the news to my close friends they were thrilled for me. If they were envious of my success they certainly didn’t show it, nothing in their body language gave any sign of animosity or jealousy.

When I make new friends and meet new people I almost never tell them my husband and I own a home in North Carolina. I feel like people would view me differently and not in a good way.

When it does come up in conversation I always downplay the details. I tell them our house is only one story and a bit farther back from the beach than most. I try to be modest and fear that a mere mention of my beach home will be perceived as bragging.

A Mortgage Free Celebration

While I would absolutely love to throw a party to celebrate the end of a mortgage I’m not sure that other’s would be so quick to celebrate alongside me.

If you were invited to a mortgage free party would you be happy to celebrate with the homeowners or bitter that you weren’t in a similar predicament?

Given my current situation I would be happy for my friends and family, but if my finances were in a not-so-fortunate state I’m not sure how I would feel about it.

I am extremely open about my finances on this blog, but only a few of my close friends know about it. I hate the idea that people would perceive me differently if they knew how much I owed and how much I was worth. In fact that’s the primary reason I blog anonymously.

A Mortgage Free Party

What about you? As you write the last check to your mortgage company would you consider throwing a party to celebrate?

10 thoughts on “A Mortgage Free Celebration: A Party For Your Pay Off”

    • I think that it is awesome. Perhaps if more emphasis was placed on actually owning the home and not the debt then more people would try harder to achieve that. I think it is awesome. Also just because you paid you house off sooner than your friends doesn’t mean you make more money it could just be that you manage it better or you were willing to sacrifice more of the small things. Yes, friends may be jealous, heck I am. But I am also happy for you and I don’t know you. I also am accountable for my own money management. If my friends paid off their house I would love to go to the party, just like I was willing to help my friends move into their house(bigger & better) than mine. Who cares true friends should be there for you and happy.

      • Marianne – I haven’t paid it off yet. I won’t be finished for another 7 1/2 years. I wish I was fortunate enough to be finished already, but 7 1/2 isn’t too far away. At least the end is in sight.

        Thanks for commenting!

  1. I would not. Even friends and family who would most likely be happy for you – little things can crop up. For example – you go out for dinner – they may automatically assume you’ll pick up the check because you have more income now rather than splitting it like you used to. Your parents may expect more expensive gifts for different occasions. Friends’ children who sell overpriced stuff for school may come to you to ask you to buy when they wouldn’t have before.

    It is a change in “status”. And for better or worse they may want to share in your hard work.

    I will be keeping it to myself when the happy day arrives in Sep 2017.

    • Hmmm. That’s an interesting point. How would a party like this change the way peers perceive you moving forward. I was thinking about their perception during the event, but you are right, it might make future encounters strange if they think you have lots of money once your mortgage payments have stopped.

  2. I paid off my mortgage over 7 years ago and never had a party. I thought it would be too “braggy”…my close friends and family knew but I don’t advertise it,. I also do not advertise that our monthly bills only take up about 15% of our income, allowing us to save the rest.


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