An End to My Gift Stockpile

This past week I was rummaging through my gift stockpile in search of Christmas presents for my niece and nephew. They are too young to create toy lists for Christmas, (one is 1 1/2 the other is 3 1/2), so whenever I find discount prices on quality toys I succumb to the bargains. Obviously I … Read more

Clutter Free Christmas Gifts

I’ve spent the better part of the year purging my house of unnecessary clutter. As I reorganize rooms I am constantly coming across gifts from past Christmases. So many knickknacks and trinkets from relatives that fill the corners of our home. Although I’ve managed to donate most of our unwanted items I feel especially guilty … Read more

Buying Used Books Online

Now I will admit something a little unusual about myself. I used to be a bit of a book snob. I used to read only NEW books. There’s something about the feel of a new book. I loved knowing that I was the first to flip through the pages. That no one else had read … Read more

Laundry Trick: Save Time

I have recently discovered the absolute best way to save time while doing the laundry. As often as possible try to purchase the same white socks. That way when you pull the socks out of the dryer you don’t have to spend time sorting. Every sock will match any other and if you lose one … Read more

Waste: Failing to Enjoy Your Possessions

When I was a teenager my mom bought me the most beautiful white eyelet dress. It was just the right length, right size, right fit, right everything. But I only wore it once. The rest of the time it hung safely in my closet. Quite honestly I was afraid to wear it. It was expensive … Read more

My eBay Tally

In a little over 45 days I sold fourteen items on eBay for a total of $162.49. From that total eBay took $16.45 in miscellaneous fees and PayPal charged me an additional $10.19. So when all was said and done I brought home $135.85 of the $162.49 total. Unfortunately, my smallest eBay sales resulted in … Read more

The Positive Side of Limited Closet Space

Lately, I have been enlightened by the Voluntary Simplicity movement. Voluntary simplicity is the act of consciously minimizing the pursuit of consumption in favor of spirituality, health, stress reduction, and conservation. In essence, after reading up on the subject, my goal is to reduce the accumulation of ‘stuff’ in my life. For the first time … Read more

Lessons Learned from Reorganizing

Over the past few days I have been reorganizing the closets and shelves in my home. I’ve managed to fill five large shopping bags with barely worn sheets, towels, and clothes. As I look at the piles of items awaiting their trip to the goodwill I realize that I simply own too much stuff. In … Read more

Simple Lives with Less Clutter

I read two interesting posts today focused on living a simple life free of unwanted clutter. Get Rich Slowly discusses a free e-book intended to reduce the clutter and complexity of your life, while Lazy Man and Money focuses on reducing clutter by purchasing a smaller home. I am happy to see more and more … Read more

An Experiment to Organize Your Home

Try this experiment. Close your eyes and picture the living room in your home. In your mind begin to list all of the items in that room. Start on one side of the room and work your way all the way to the other side. Now open your eyes and write down all of the … Read more