The More I Purge The Less I Buy

If you’re a regular reader of One Frugal Girl you know that I detest clutter. Every few months I clean out my drawers, reorganize my closet and search through unused items in my home. I take books to the library, clothes to the local donation center and list higher priced items on eBay. The change … Read more

Shedding Stuff and Moving Forward

I felt the need to tidy my house long before the I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Last year I took the room by room approach to discarding. I went through my drawers and closets carefully and methodically. The first pass I removed the easy stuff like clothes that didn’t … Read more

If It Is Not Useful It Is Out

I used to wonder how someone could get rid of 50, 60 or 70% of their possessions. Now I know. I didn’t calculate the exact number of items we’ve removed over the past six months, but I would bet it’s a minimum of 40 or 50% of our stuff. Removing clutter can feel quite overwhelming. … Read more

Storing Versus Buying at a Moment’s Notice

My husband and I are not always on the same page about money. In his recent quest to rid the house of unwanted clutter he’s discussed a new philosophy I’ve nicknamed just buy it again. He told me to get rid of everything I don’t want to part with fully knowing that nothing is particularly … Read more

Free Books: I Am in Love!

One of the best things about blogging is revisiting old posts. Reading my own words helps keep me accountable to myself. As a result of recent home renovations I created a little note to myself called A Few Things I Learned While Nesting, Purging and Streamlining. Lesson #7 including the following: Books are a huge … Read more

Just Get It Out of the House!

One of the hardest things about purging is figuring out what on earth to do with all of the stuff we no longer need. After watching my husband clean out the garage I am surprised by just how differently we approach this problem. While I cleaned out the majority of the house my husband was … Read more

Organizing Store Receipts for Easy Returns

November and December tend to be the two months of the year where we buy and receive a laundry list of gifts. The one key to making any holiday run a little bit smoother is organizing the receipts that come with each purchase. All those little tiny strips of paper are sure to get lost … Read more

Struggling to Part with My Belongings

I’m pretty certain I’ve created a monster. After watching box after plastic box move out of our basement and into our garage my husband has suddenly declared everything must go! After nearly a month of work the contractors finished their remodeling efforts and my husband declared the downstairs a storage-free zone. He wants to keep … Read more