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I Want to Be a Stay At Home Mom: Should I Quit My Job?

The emails trickle into my inbox. “I want to quit my job to stay home with my kids,” one reads. “I want to be a stay-at-home mom so badly,” another begins. Each email tells a unique story, and while the details are different, the resulting question is almost always the same. Should I become a …

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Letting Go of Childhood Toys and Memorabilia

Letting Go of Toys We haven’t picked out a new house, but we started cleaning, packing, and decluttering as though we’ve already found one to love. This week I tackled the closets, beginning the painstaking process of boxing up our belongings in preparation for our move. I spent two days transporting our possessions out of the darkness …

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A few days before Halloween my husband looked into the massive bowl of candy and said “you did not buy enough.” “You don’t think that’s enough,” I asked, “It’s ten bags of candy!” I really didn’t want to run to the store to buy more, but I had a sinking feeling he was right. A …

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Crying Baby = Panicked Mom

It started innocently enough. “Can I take a ten minute shower?” I asked my husband. “Sure,” he answered, “no problem.” When I walked upstairs the three month old was asleep in the cradle. A few minutes later I emerged from the shower and immediately heard the baby crying. This child rarely cries. For the first …

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