Cat’s Out of the Bag

This week my husband and I plan to tell our closest friends and family that we’re pregnant. We’ve been keeping the news to ourselves as we get through the first trimester, but now that we’ve made it into the third month we’ve decided to share our news with the people we love.

I’ve held back on blogging about this because some of my close friends are readers of One Frugal Girl and although I don’t know how often they glance at my posts I didn’t want them to read about it, before I got a chance to tell them.

The little one is set to arrive at the end of October. I hope and pray that he or she will be happy and healthy. When I told my mom the big news she said it’s good to let people know you’re pregnant, because the more people who know the more people can pray for your health and the health of your baby. I thought that was a sweet thing for her to say.

The whole idea of having a baby is suddenly feeling more real to me. I was so cautious in the first few months that I’m not sure I really let the idea settle in, but things feel different now that we’ve told our close friends and family.

16 thoughts on “Cat’s Out of the Bag”

  1. Thank you ALL for the kind comments and congratulations! It means the world to me to see the names of some of my favorite readers in the comments!

    This is a huge event in our lives and I've been cautious to spread the news too quickly. I certainly plan to blog about aspects of my pregnancy and planning to keep you all in the loop as things progress!

  2. Many happy felicitations! Still traveling so I come to the news late but I wish you all the best and can't wait to hear more.

  3. Congrats to both of you!!
    Being a parent is the most difficult job you'll completly enjoy! I'm thankful everyday for my two.


  4. Congrats! Keep us posted on how this works with your financial goals. I see lots of interesting blogs posts in our future!

  5. Wonderful! Congratulations, many thoughts and prayers heading your way as you and your husband prepare for the little one's arrival!


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