Chocolate Croissants

I planned to blog today, but somehow I managed to procrastinate until the late hours of the night, and now I’m staring at an empty text box. Although I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop for an hour I haven’t written a single word until now. The last few days have been extremely hectic. My job is a bit chaotic right now and for the last few days my brain seems to be jumping back and forth between the present and my recent vacation.

My husband just popped downstairs to greet me. It’s nearly midnight and he just pulled two chocolate croissants from the cupboard and poured himself a glass of apple juice. I planned to surprise him in the morning with sweets and a love note, but he found the surprise a few hours early.

When we were in college my husband ate chocolate croissants and downed a glass of apple or orange juice each morning. His classes were much earlier than mine each day and I still remember the way the room smelled like juice long after he left each morning. Although we’ve known each other for over 12 years the thought of those early mornings still makes me smile.

On those hectic days there is nothing better than the simplest of pleasures.

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