Closet Couponer

Because I blog anonymously I rarely discuss my crazy coupon strategies or tell people just how frugal I am. My good friends know about One Frugal Girl, but the majority of people in my life don’t know how I stock up when triple coupon day arrives at Harris Teeter or how I go on a free binge when my birthday rolls around.

Since I don’t tell people about my habits I am particularly thrilled when I come across a fellow frugal fan. Sitting on the pool deck on a lazy summer afternoon my good friend M opened up about her love of triple coupons and how she absolutely hates to spend money on an item she could have purchased for less.

Her philosophy on spending is very much like my own. She owns a beach house, makes large donations to her alma mater and spends money on things she really craves like travel and vacations, but when it comes to everyday necessities she’d rather wait for sales and stock up with coupons.

I love that she opened up about her spending choices and that she prompted the topic of conversation. Of course once you get me going on the topic of money it’s tough to stop. We chatted about the crazy hoarders of extreme couponing and how a lot of people don’t direct funds to the aspects of their life that really matter.

I love when people open up about their philosophies on money and I’m thrilled to find another frugalista who shares values like my own.

4 thoughts on “Closet Couponer”

  1. Where do you usually get your coupons?

    I can only find ones for brands that I never buy anyway – usually the more expensive brands that would bring the price down to that of a normal brand.

  2. When you combine a good sale with a good coupon then the better national brands are often less expensive than the store brands. Sites like SavingsAngel help you know when those combinations are available.

  3. @Daisy – It's exactly as Stan said. I typically combine a coupon with a store sale and end up paying pennies on the dollar for name brand items.

  4. I'm totally the same way in that most of my friends don't know of my frugal ways. I JUST starting having those convos with my boyfriend and I think he was kind of shocked. I love it when I learn frugal strategies that my friends use, but sadly, those convos don't happen so often.


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