Cost of a new bathroom… $3,545.74 so far

We are currently remodeling a small bathroom in our house. As with any project you estimate the cost, then buy the parts, pay for the labor and determine how close the two figures match one another.

If we’re lucky it looks like we might only go over budget by about $600. In order to cut back on costs we didn’t buy a top of the line sink, toilet, mirror or floor tile. Don’t get me wrong everything will look beautiful once it’s complete but we decided it just wasn’t worth spending a ridiculous amount of money on something you spit into or splatter with toothpaste. We don’t intend to ever sell this house, so it’s not like we’d recoup the cost of these items when we sell our property.

Here’s a break down of our costs so far:

Wooden Door – $17.00
Paintbrush – $9.47
Paint Tray – $7.47
Tray Liner – $0.69
Door Locks – $18.99
Door Hinges – $7.97
Door Stain – $19.74
Pedestal Sink – $179.00
Toilet – $79.99
Toilet Seat – $21.98
Sink Faucet – $119.00
Glass Shelf – $9.99
Towel Ring – $25.50
Towel Bar – $45.30
Tissue Holder – $38.61
Floor Tile – $203.00
Bullnose Tile – $148.40
Labor – $2500.00
Paint – $39.96
Ceiling Lights – $9.68
Vanity Mirror – $44.00

TOTAL $3,545.74

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