Creating Space

In an effort to be at least a little proactive I began clearing out the spaces around the windows in our home that will soon be replaced. I started by moving the two sets of bookshelves in our sun room. I took all of the books off the shelves and separated them into piles I labeled ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘sell’ and ‘beach.’ The first three categories are obvious, the fourth one includes any interesting novels or short stories our renters might like to take to the beach.

As I was carrying the books out of one room and into another I couldn’t help but notice how many of them I still have not read. Last year I piled up a stack of books and vowed to read each one. In reality I think I only made it through two of them.

I condensed the number of books significantly and moved from two bookcases down to one. If I can figure out a place to store my old photo albums I’ll even have some free space on it. (By the way any ideas on that front?) I decided to repurpose the second bookcase as a pantry of sorts. I took it downstairs and loaded it with cans of food and cereal boxes that were previously located in inconvenient locations around our basement.

As I was moving things around I realized how much space I freed up in our sun room. If I take the table out of there I may actually have enough room to put down my yoga mat and exercise. Heck, now that I’ve found the room for it, maybe I’ll finally buy myself a treadmill.

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