Day Five: Donating Dresses

Today’s gift wasn’t very original. I dropped off a bag full of clothes to a donation center. For the past few months I’ve been staring at a bunch of dresses that I haven’t worn in ages. The dresses all fit and have only been worn a hand-full of times, so at first I had a hard time donating them. I figured, since they still fit, I might wear them again sometime, so I put them in the front of the closet, where I could see them every day as I get dressed for work. Despite moving them from the back of the closet to the front I still haven’t worn any of them. So I folded all of the dresses, placed them neatly in a bag, and drove them down to the local donation center.

I estimated the original price for each item before placing it inside the bag. My estimated total was well over $500 for just ten items. I’m disappointed by the amount of money I’ve wasted on a bunch of barely used items, but I’m happy to clear my closet of unnecessary clutter and I hope that someone else will make better use of them.

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