DC Shopping Freebies

If you live in DC check out this article in the Washington Post. It provides a list of stores in the DC area that provide freebies to their shoppers. Everything from free candy, cupcakes, wine and soft drinks, to palm reading and free music and cocktails. Personally, I have never been to any of these stores but the premise is interesting: invite your customers into a relaxed atmosphere with beverages and food and let the shopping begin.

One word of caution: A lot of these stores look very pricey!

2 thoughts on “DC Shopping Freebies”

  1. Dude. I don’t think I’d ever go to those shops, freebies or not. Where’s the actual value in shopping there, besides a little treat? It’s going to end up with people buying stuff they probably don’t really need. (Or don’t need to spend that much on to get something that will suffice.)


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