Did You Succumb to After Christmas Sales?

For the third time this winter I succumbed to an after Christmas sale. The infliction was a small one. I spent $1.29 plus tax on three large rolls of holiday wrapping paper that were selling at 90% off retail price. I gave in to a similar sale in late December. I bought a tree skirt, Christmas stockings, gift tags, gift bags and a bunch of fake poinsettias. I also bought a couple of small gifts from JC Penney, which I’ll use as stocking stuffers for Christmas next year.

All told I spent roughly $30 in all three after Christmas sales. Given our current income and expenses $30 is truly a drop in the bucket. All of the items were good bargains, (each item was at least 75% off), but honestly I wonder why I am so enticed by these sales.

Clearly I am not alone. In JC Penney there were hoards of people rummaging through the discounted racks of holiday merchandise. In CVS I couldn’t even fit in the crowded Christmas isle. A bunch of women and children were blocking the isle with stackfuls of Christmas ornaments and discounted candy.

I myself bought wrapping paper today despite the fact that I already have a stash in storage. So as I was buying yet another item I truly don’t need I wondered how many other folks found themselves in similar situations this winter. Did you find yourself succumbing to after Christmas sales? If so, do you regret your purchases or do you still think they were good bargains?

6 thoughts on “Did You Succumb to After Christmas Sales?”

  1. if it makes you feel better, i spent over two (!!!) dollars on a roll of Christmas wrap prior to Christmas.

    Stocking up on things you KNOW you will use in the future is smart.

  2. sort of. I bought an orange fleece blanket before Christmas. Well, that was an accident. I bought one for my brother for a gift (cold house and guys who don’t want to turn the heat on) and when I brought it home, Atlas grabbed it and ran around the house with it locked firmly in his jaws. I figured he was trying to tell me something about our house too, LOL. Anyway, I had to buy another. But the blanket was so soft and cozy that I wanted until after Christmas and bought two more – because I don’t have a warm enough quilt and they were much cheaper than new bedding. šŸ™‚

  3. Yes… I did succumb to the after Christmas sales and If I don’t stay out of the stores.. I will continue to search through the marked down Christmas items to find a bargin. The latest purchase… a 2 ft pre lit Pink Christmas tree… But I have rationalized the purchase by using it as a decorated “Valentine’s day tree” :0

    I am weak.

  4. I love the 90% clearance sales! I bought several rolls of wrapping paper, tissue paper, giftbags, ribbons, gift tags, dog toys, and food.
    After all it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  5. Yes. I did it too. I now have more than enough wrapping paper. I got my daughter holiday t-shirts for next year at $1.13 and myself socks, which really aren’t holiday on the inside. They were just packaged holiday on the outside and I’ve been wearing them ever since. The only candy I got was Christmas Hersey Kisses at .75/bag at CVS. The silver and red wrapped ones will be used for a Valentine’s event I’m hosting. The green ones will be treats for my kids or put on peanut butter cookies. Hubby got replacement light bulbs for our strings of lights. I did well sticking to things we will use.


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