Disorganization Leads to Needless Spending

On Thursday night my husband and I drove down to North Carolina for the weekend. Rather than packing and preparing for the trip on Wednesday night we spent Valentine’s in front of the fireplace watching Lost and eating a late night dinner. On Thursday morning I had to rush off to physical therapy and didn’t have time to pack. Thursday night after a long day of therapy, meetings, and an hour and a half drive both to and from work, I came home too exhausted to think about packing. Instead I cleaned out the refrigerator, throwing anything that would expire into a cooler and tossing it into the trunk. In the mean time, it was getting late and my husband was in a hurry to get on our way. The trip to NC takes at least 6 1/2 hours, so I threw whatever I thought we’d need into the trunk and we headed out the door.

Yesterday as I was thinking about enjoying a dip in the hot tub I realized that I had forgotten my bikini. I remembered pulling it out of my drawer and placing it on top of my dresser, but I couldn’t remember much after that. I’m assuming it’s still sitting on top of my dresser. I really wanted to take a dip so I decided to head to the store in search of a ‘cheap’ swimsuit. I need another bikini like I need a hole in the head. I have at least three at home that I bought in after season sales.

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to find a swimsuit this time of year. Since it’s the off season in NC there isn’t a large selection of swimsuits to choose from and the ones that are available aren’t on sale. I could just kick myself for having to spend money on an item I don’t need. My failure to plan ultimately resulted in an unproductive trip to Walmart where I wasted time picking through unattractive, full priced bikinis.

Too bad my in-laws took the trip to NC with us. Had they stayed home I would have skipped the bikini altogether and just gone skinny dipping with my husband.

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