Do You Believe in Fate?


I believe that certain things in my life were meant to happen. I tell my husband that we were destined to meet. If we hadn’t attended the same college I still believe we would have found each other at some later point in life. He always laughs when I mention this, but I feel very strongly about this notion.

Due to my unforeseen medical problems and constant aches and pains we delayed trying to conceive for quite a few years. When we finally decided to try for a child we didn’t get pregnant on the very first attempt. In fact it took us a year.

Somewhere deep in my heart I believe we were meant to wait for my son. Had I conceived and given birth before that time I would be holding another child in my arms and for some unknown reason I feel that I was meant to deliver the child I have now. I wonder if I treasure him more because it took longer to conceive him.

I tend to believe that certain things were meant to happen in my life. Even things that are unpleasant and uncomfortable. As strange as it may sound I feel fortunate for the medical problems I encountered so many years ago. They make me more compassionate and empathetic and ensure I count my blessings and take very little for granted for these days.

I don’t believe that everything in life is meant to happen just the way it unfolds, but I do think I become stronger when obstacles present themselves before me.

How about you? Do you believe fate plays a role in your life or do you side with my husband who thinks I’m just trying to make sense of a world in which random things happen?

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  1. I’m not certain I believe in fate — but I do believe in the God who controls ‘coincidences’ and ‘luck.’ I agree with you that some things are just meant to be.

    I would also say this applies to the way Husband I met — he sat down at my table in the local student university hangout. He ate there regularly — I did once in a while, when I could afford the $1.23 bowl of fried rice. (Which wasn’t often.) Our paths did not cross, otherwise…


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