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Easy Money Saving Suggestions

Over at Woman’s Day you’ll find Mary Hunt’s list of 17 simple ways you can save money. Here are are a few of her ideas:

  • Drink water. (Stop buying juices and soft drinks.)
  • Cut back on extras. (One less dinner or movie out a month.)
  • Purchase generic/store brand groceries.
  • Stretch out the time between haircuts.
  • Do your own nails.
  • Spend less on clothes.
  • Adjust your cable package.
  • Compare insurance plans & increase your deductibles.

My husband and I adhere to many of the suggestions on this list, but I disagree on her suggestion that you’ll save more money by purchasing generic groceries. Through a combination of coupons and sales I often spend far less on name brand personal hygiene products, cereals, pastas, etc then I ever would by purchasing generics.

Hunt also suggests saving money by:

  • Refinancing your car loans.
  • Refinancing your student loans.
  • Reducing credit card rates.

Since my husband and I always pay off our credit card in full and don’t have student loans or car loans these tips don’t apply.

You can check out all of Hunt’s money saving suggestions here. You can also find a bunch of interesting personal finance articles here.

Emily Gerson

Tuesday 22nd of January 2008

The soft drink thing is a good idea -- it's killing me! I didn't used to drink much coke but recently have become addicted, and it adds almost $2 to every meal out now. Must stop! I just wrote a blog that has another list of ways to cut back and make some spare money:

Sense to Dollars

Monday 21st of January 2008

it's hard when you already do everything "they" recommend. About her list:

Drink water. (Stop buying juices and soft drinks.) DONE. I drink milk and water, pretty much exclusively.Cut back on extras. (One less dinner or movie out a month.) DONE. I eat out rarely, see movies even more rarely.Purchase generic/store brand groceries. DONE. I always buy on sale, stock up, and try to use coupons.Stretch out the time between haircuts. DONE. My last haircut was in August 2007. Boy, am I due!Do your own nails. DONE. I've gotten my nails done once in my life: for my senior prom.Spend less on clothes. DONE. I stock up at Old Navy twice a year, and spend about $150 each time. Adjust your cable package. TRIED. They have a monopoly and won't change our plan unless we cancel it completely. I'm thinking about it. Compare insurance plans & increase your deductibles. I have the max deductible, and the minimum amount of coverage that is legal.

About these:Refinancing your car loans.Refinancing your student loans.Reducing credit card rates.

I don't have any debt.

what else is there to do except increase income?