Expanding My Cookware Collection

Every so often companies contact me requesting product reviews on One Frugal Girl. In all due honesty I tend to turn down the majority of requests. I just wouldn’t feel right blasting my readers with reviews and advertisements. My goal is to document my own frugality and fiscal awareness, not to convince my readers to make unnecessary purchases.

So yesterday, when I was contacted to review a product I initially hesitated. Then I paused, considered the possibilities, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to poke around the website for just a few minutes. I figured I’d spend five or ten minutes browsing online, but a few minutes quickly turned into a full hour.

As my regular readers know I am a wanna-be chef. I am constantly experimenting with new ingredients and recipes. In fact, if I had all the money and time in the world I would take cooking classes every day of the week. I would spend money on the highest quality pots, pans and cooking utensils. So when a marketing representative asked if I would review a product on Cookware.com I just couldn’t resist.

Ever since I saw Giada De Laurentiis prepare a chicken and orzo frittata on the Food Network I’ve been dying to give it a try. Actually I thought about making that recipe for days, but unfortunately I didn’t have an appropriate baking dish. Well Cookware.com solved my dilemma with a dish in the perfect size and color. I chose the Le Creuset 11.5″ Oval Dish in Kiwi.

I can’t wait to review this product. I’ve already started searching for other recipes I’d like to try. If you have any amazing recipes for soup or frittatas or anything else I can prepare in this cookware please leave me a comment.

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