Falling in Love with the Thrift Store

In less than six weeks our son has grown an additional two inches in length. This means that my tiny five and a half week old baby can no longer fit into clothes in the newborn to three month range. That’s right boys and girls my little one has moved up to the six month size already!

Unfortunately, this means that a number of his little outfits no longer fit and we are forced to move them into the “in case we have another child” pile. It’s crazy to think that he wore some of these items less than three or four times.

Worse yet we are receiving gifts from extended friends and family members that are already too tiny to fit. A lot of the little outfits are absolutely adorable, but as soon as I open the box and see that newborn or three month size I know the clothes will never make their way onto our baby’s little body.

Before our son was born I took a short trip over to a thrift store in my area that accepts donations. Although I’ve lived around the corner from it for the past ten years I’ve never actually stepped foot inside. I always drop my donations around the side of the building and then drive off. Well on one particularly rainy day I decided to unload my bags and explore.

There I found racks of baby clothes in ‘like new’ condition. I bought a couple of sleepers and even a Halloween costume. Now that I see how quickly he’s outgrowing his clothes I’ve absolutely fallen in love with that store. The baby clothes range in price from $1 to $3, versus comparable prices for new items that range from $8 to $15.

If our little one continues to grow at this rate there is absolutely no reason to buy brand new clothes for him to wear only three or four times. I have a feeling I’ll make another trip to the thrift store in the next week or so to purchase baby clothes in the next size range. In the mean time I might need to cut the little footsies off of some of the outfits he already owns.

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  1. After a while the growth slows, but since I have a girl, I'm not exactly sure when it happens for boys. And all babies are different. See if you can exchange the gifts you receive that are too small. For baby showers, it's nice to give the mom a range of clothes since everyone loves to give 0-3 month clothing, which probably only fits for 2 months! Carter's has a good exchange/return policy if there's one near you, as does Costco.


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