Feeling Ever So Lucky – I Won $450 and a Bunch of Other Stuff Too

Over the past two months I won $450 worth of Visa and Amazon gift cards from a variety of online giveaways. I used to enter contests quite often and even kept track of all of the items I won on my old blog, but unfortunately when I ported it over to Word Press I lost the details of that page. In the past I entered contests for just about anything I thought I could sell or give as gifts, but these days I typically look for prizes that will benefit my son, husband or myself. In fact, I rarely enter contests, so it’s surprising that I won five within a 45 day period.

I didn’t dedicate much time to entering. In fact most of the giveaways required nothing more than a comment and an email address. Unfortunately, since I won all of this loot I’ve gotten into a bit of a giveaway frenzy and I realized today that I’m probably wasting a little too much time submitting entries to these contests.

I can’t help but wonder if I’m on a lucky streak. Of course, I realize every gambler thinks that as she sits at the roulette or black jack table and watches her chips stack up.

Whether I win contests or not I consider myself very lucky in life. I’ve written about my happiness hundreds of times on this blog, but this post highlights the joy in my life.

This paragraph says it all:

The joy in my world is so great that sometimes it makes my heart hurt. It’s those little moments. You know the ones. Like when my son plays hide-and-seek and runs out from behind the furniture when he hears me coming to get him. When my husband scoops ice cream, drizzles chocolate over the top along with brightly colored sprinkles and brings it to me while I sit in the living room. Or how about the sound of my son giggling for absolutely no reason from the back of the car. It’s a sound that immediately makes me smile and melts my heart.

A friend once asked if luck begets luck. I don’t know the answer, but it does seem like the luckier I feel the luckier I am in life.

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