Feeling Generally Distracted

I’ve had a hard time concentrating over the past few days. My mind seems to be wandering in a million different directions all at once. I’m not sure why I feel so restless and distracted. Whenever I get this way I tend to clean the house. I’m not sure why, but somehow or another it seems to calm me.

I compiled a list of book suggestions based on last week’s post and planned to walk over to the library this evening. Unfortunately, I ended up having to work until 7:30. By the time all was said and done it was dark and late, so I decided to clean out my bookshelves instead. I’m trying to follow the rule of taking one item out of the house for every one item I bring in, plus I figured I might find a few books for donation.

Digging through the shelves I found at least ten or fifteen books that I’ve only half read. I decided to pull them out and leave them in a big pile in the living room. I would really like to finish most of them before I head out in search of new reading material.

While I was cleaning I also came across a bunch of unwanted items and posted them on eBay. I doubt any of them will sell but when I’m distracted and restless it always helps to rid the house of clutter.

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  1. Cleaning is therefore really rewarding for you! No wonder you like to do it…

    (I also like to clean sometimes. Mostly when I’m upset–it helps to have control over SOMETHING, and when you’re done, everything looks so nice and neat–easy job satisfaction!)


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