Fighting Temptation

I am a huge fan of college basketball. Huge. Every March, I sit two feet away from the tiny flat screen TV in our living room, so I can watch the ACC and NCAA tournaments up close. While my husband is working I’m constantly screaming scores up the stairs and shouting for him to come down to watch last second shots that send underdog teams closer to the big prize. Last year we flew down to the ACC tournament in Tampa. Unfortunately, my team, the Maryland Terrapins, blew it in the first round, the same way they blew it this year. Heart-broken, but completely in love with the game, I watched every ACC tournament game that followed.

Every year just before the NCAA tournament begins I dream of watching the games on a big screen TV. So far, I have fought temptation and resisted the purchase. It seems silly to buy a TV for a couple of weekends in March.

This year the 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA will be played at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. I’m thinking of taking a personal day off work to watch a few games. Tickets look ridiculously expensive right now, but I’m sure I can buy them for much less. When we were down in Tampa the scalpers couldn’t give tickets away. The fans of losing teams headed home, often handing their tickets over to anyone with a hand out. The only thing better than watching the games on a big TV would be watching them in person.

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  1. I can understand you wish for a bigger TV. I want a large flat screen TV to hang on the wall just because it looks neater and takes up less space. I know that this is extravagant and am therefore putting up with what I have.


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