Finding a Personal Trainer for My Dad

As I’ve mentioned before, my dad, who is in his early 60s, is quite overweight.When we went to the beach in the late spring he seemed much more out of shape than usual. After a short ten minute walk he was quite out of breath and had to sit down. He’s never been in good shape, but this is certainly the worst I can remember.

It’s so frustrating to love someone so much, but not be able to do much to motivate them to change their lifestyle. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get him to exercise, but for one reason or another he always finds a way to avoid it.

One night a few weeks ago my brilliant husband suggested finding my dad a personal trainer. My dad seems unwilling to heed the words of his family, but I am hopeful that he might listen to a professional.

I found a company near his home town and gave the owner a call to explain the situation. I let the owner know that my father is in his sixties and probably 100 pounds overweight. I described his poor stamina and let him know that I’m in need of a trainer who can provide strong motivation. I also explained that I would be footing the bill since my dad is retired and on a fixed income.

The owner was unbelievably kind. He found a trainer that could work with my dad and agreed to let me pay a reduced price. He further reduced the financial burden by allowing me to pay in bi-weekly increments. (Typically they require payment up front.) The trainer will work with my dad once a week for the next ten weeks. After that if my dad begins to show signs of progress we’ll renew for another ten weeks. Honestly, if these sessions improve my dad’s health I’m willing to find a way to pay for them indefinitely.

The trainer would like to work with my dad twice a week, but I simply can’t afford more than one session. I’m currently brainstorming ways to pay the costs without tapping our current accounts. I can sell some items on eBay, but I’ll be lucky if that will cover half the cost of the first ten sessions. In the mean time, I’ll scrutinize the budget and figure out if we can cut out any discretionary spending. We don’t buy much and we never eat out, so I’m not certain where I’ll come up with the money.

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  1. I think if this lengthens his life and gives you (and your future children) more time with your dad, then that would be priceless!


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