For those of you with long commutes…

After a long and relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle to and from Northern VA, I am certainly not looking forward to a lengthy Monday commute around the beltway. I have already started thinking about my plan for tomorrow, what I can eat in the car on the way to work, do I need to stop to get gas, and just how might the weather play a role in my trip out to Virginia.

Settling down with the weekend paper I turned to a lengthy article that every commuter should read. The article is called, Driven to Extremes and was published in this weekend’s edition of The Washington Post Magazine. The article details the commutes of three individuals heading to work in and around the greater Washington, DC area.

A couple of favorite quotes… If a person is too distracted by his problems during a commute, then a car is about the worst place in the world for him to be…. Peace and occasional epiphany come to him in the car. He is free there, like nowhere else in his life. When tears have filled his eyes a couple of times, no one else saw them. ‘I’ll ask for strength and calm to get through things; I’ll ask for forgiveness for things.’

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