Free Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Free Movie

A few weeks ago I signed up for Fresh Rewards at As a reward for signing up and adding ten gift reminders to their site I earned a $40 credit*. Earlier this week I spent that credit on a box of chocolate covered strawberries. The strawberries arrived yesterday and are absolutely beautiful. I plan to serve them tonight at our annual Christmas Eve dinner.

This is actually the second free box of chocolate covered strawberries I received this year. I picked up a box a month or so ago from Edible Arrangements. I received that freebie by adding Edible Arrangements as a friend on Facebook*. I haven’t tasted these yet, but I’m interested in how they compare.

Excited about my free score I hopped on the Internet in search of other freebies. Wouldn’t you know I found a free $4 credit from Amazon Video on Demand. Last night I ordered a two day rental of Four Christmases and watched it from my laptop. The movie wasn’t anything to write home about, but I was impressed by the picture quality. I’m now even more excited about the Blu-ray DVD player I purchased for my husband this Christmas. It’ll stream videos from twenty-five content providers including Netflix.

I received so many fabulous freebies this year that I now wish I’d documented them. Too late now, but maybe I’ll keep a list next year.

* I believe these promotions have ended.

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