Getting Paid to Read

Somehow, unbeknownst to me, I got on a book reviewer list, which means a new book arrives at my house every few weeks. I absolutely love to read, but I absolutely stink at finding books I enjoy reading. I’m not sure why I have such a hard time selecting books. I read online reviews, I search for best sellers and I even browse the book store for interesting reads, but nine times of ten I start reading a book and then find I’m completely disinterested in the story.

I received five books in the last month and a half and surprisingly enough I’ve really enjoyed reading each and every one! I liked the last one so much I read it from cover to cover in just over a day.

Books seem to be falling into my lap lately. I purchased a bunch of books from Barnes and Noble a few weeks back after discovering a Groupon that was set to expire and I cashed in e-rewards points for $15 worth of Borders Bucks, which also helped me add to my library. I even received a brand new book at my last doctor’s visit, which was entirely unexpected.

All of these books have really sparked my interest in literature again! When I get home from work instead of vegging out I take a nice walk, then grab a glass of water and find a comfortable spot on the couch to start reading.

Best of all I get paid for each review I write. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I receive new, interesting books to read and then get paid to write about them. It’s great!

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  1. I've recently gotten back into reading and I forgot how much I LOVED reading. This year, I've conquered "Water for Elephants", just finished "Something Borrowed" and am now starting "The Help". I get all my books from the library…

  2. @Cindy & Sarah – I'm not sure how I was selected. I'll see if I can find out.

    @Sense – I just read Girl in Translation and absolutely loved it!

    @Newlyweds on a Budget – I wish our library were better. The one I grew up with had amazing books in great condition. The one around the corner from me now is in terrible shape. Bad selection, stains and pages missing from books. It's such a shame. There is nothing better than wandering around the library shelves! By the way I enjoyed 'Something Borrowed' too.

  3. yes I am also interested in knowing how to get on this list and how much they pay you to review each book. How do I get on this list? So far the occasional books I have received to review only gave me the book no compensation. So finding a way to be compensated and review more books could help me get closer to doing this thing full time as I have always wanted.

  4. You can also go to This is a website to catalog the books you have read, want to etc. Every month they post a list of books available as Early Readers, you request a book and get selected from a lottery, then you receive the books. The catch is that you must post a review about that book on the websites requested. There is also a member exchange where you can request books the same way. Good luck!

  5. Did you ever figure out how you got on the list to do this? Are you still doing it and is it still possible for someone to begin doing this now? If you have found out, or can find out this would be so perfect for me! I have to be on my kindergarten son’s schedule (available for sick days, holidays, field trips, etc) and have had a hard time getting a job to work with me on schedule. I have been cleaning houses for an income but looking for a little something extra on the side to help out that I could do from home


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