3 Ideas for Gifts Your Husband Will Actually Use

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Father’s Day, you may have found yourself stumped on what to give your husband. Usually, though, it’s not for lack of trying to find out or effort on your end. An interesting study found that most people really do struggle to give men gifts. As per a survey, this is usually because men are unsure what they themselves want.

As a result, some women buy their husbands a “safe” gift and call it a day. For instance, Americans spent $30 billion on gift cards for the 2023 holiday season, but recent reports show that an estimated $21 billion is going forgotten and unspent. Now, you don’t want unmemorable gifts to dampen a special occasion. So to ensure you make the most of your precious time and money without compromising thoughtfulness, here are a few gift ideas your husband will actually appreciate and use.

A pair of gaming glasses

It’s not unlikely that your spouse is an avid video game player. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 53% of the 212.6 million American gamers identify as male. If your man logs the national average of 12.8 hours a week or more, he may look for ways to improve his gaming performance.

To optimize his screen experience, gift him a pair of gaming glasses so he can react faster and play even longer. The Helux Gaming Collection features an extra-large frame for a wide field of view, lightweight material, and headset-compatible temples. Prizm Gaming™ 2.0 Lens Technology filters blue light for enhanced comfort while he farms for XP or rises up in ranked play. When it comes to gaming accessories, investing in a feature-packed pair is worthwhile because they protect your husband’s eyes over long screen periods. A bold, striking design will also match nicely with his gaming setup and get him this much closer to the elites.

A well-made white tee

There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t enjoy wearing a T-shirt, which is why this item has become a go-to option for gift-givers who’ve run out of time and options. If your husband likes to wear the same white shirts regularly, why not give him a well-made version that could stand the test of time?

One that’s recently made waves in menswear news is the Merz b. Schwanen white loopwheel t-shirt, made of Greek organic cotton using a unique loopwheel process. The technique doesn’t put the fabric under tension, which is what causes the “bacon” collar and deformities that make inexpensive shirts look worn after only a few months. While affordable clothing does provide short-term savings, cost-per-wear is another important consideration when assessing the value of a gift. Pieces like well-made classic white tees will surely be in your husband’s everyday rotation, and going the pricier but higher-quality route means you won’t have to buy him new shirts again next year.

A multi-port charging station

We’ve talked about clutter-free gifts in the past and how they can help you show love without taking up too much of your recipient’s physical space. That said, your husband may have a junk drawer of now-defunct chargers, dongles, and adaptors in his car. To help him downsize and keep his car organized, consider a multi-port gadget like the Flashvor 100W Super Charger. Since it’s equipped with three USB ports and two Type-C ports with 100-watt charging speed, both of you can charge devices simultaneously without having to plug in multiple adapters. In today’s digital age, chargers are one of those things you can’t live without, so a dedicated in-car device is a must-have.

Gift-giving for your husband can be overwhelming at first, especially when he doesn’t give you any hints about what he wants. By surprising him with presents that complement his lifestyle, your next gift will surely get a lot of mileage.

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