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Giving Up My Online Gift Card Trades?

I started trading and purchasing gift cards online in June of last year. With the first couple of purchases I saved a ton of money. My best buys were a $1994 Home Depot card for $1557 and a $100 Pier One card for only $16. Although most of my purchases do not yield such large gains, I have managed to save roughly 15 to 20% on purchases through the use of discounted gift cards. I have also traded a couple of gift cards with others, usually for equal or greater value, even after the website fees are taken into consideration.

But lately the gift card purchases have been a bust. In four of the last eleven purchases, the seller has failed to send the card, despite my credit card and/or PayPal payment. For the first two purchases I didn’t experience much of a burden. I simply called my credit card company and informed them that the seller never mailed the item I purchased. But the last two gift card purchases are quite another story. I purchased both cards with money in my PayPal account, which works entirely different than a credit card. In essence, I had to create a dispute, detail what has occurred thus far, and wait for the seller to respond. If the seller doesn’t respond then I have to submit a claim to PayPal. In the mean time I’m out $60.

Is saving 15% worth waiting around for an auction to end, winning an auction but waiting for a gift card that never arrives, interacting with sellers who never respond, and filing claims with websites who may or may not find a way to refund my money? Hmm… One thing is for sure if I do purchase any more cards I will certainly be using my credit card. So now the question is will there be a next time?

Have any of you had luck, good or bad, with online gift card purchases or trades?

Lazy Man and Money

Wednesday 16th of May 2007

I've been thinking of selling a card via these systems, but I have the same trust concerns. What if the person says they never got the card, but I know I sent it? I don't know, these things need a system like Ebay, but it doesn't help if you are just starting out and plan on only selling one card (as I am).

Ms. MiniDucky

Wednesday 16th of May 2007

Does thinking about it count? :)