Great Deal on Halloween Costumes

I still haven’t settled on a Halloween costume yet, but I am very close to pulling the trigger on the one I found on tonight.

Right now they are offering 20% off all costumes, decor and party supplies when you use the coupon code bizzare. If you are a ShopRunner member, (I signed up for a free membership last year), you will receive free two day shipping. If you don’t have a ShopRunner membership you can still receive free shipping if you spend over $49.

I researched prices on eBay and found that many costumes sell for roughly 60% of retail prices, so I’m considering buying this one and then auctioning it off next year. That means I have to make sure my son doesn’t stain it, which means he won’t be able to eat or drink anything while wearing it. Hmmm, that task might be a little too difficult to ensure.

1 thought on “Great Deal on Halloween Costumes”

  1. My insurance for saving money on Halloween for my little ones is coming up with homemade costumes. This time the whole family is going as zombies. We’ll rip up clothes and need to find a little makeup but it leads to creativity AND savings!


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