Great Gift Idea: The Modern Piggy Bank

I have a silver piggy bank my father gave me when I was little girl. To this day I still keep my spare change inside it’s belly. I was searching for a piggy bank to buy my nephew and came across this one. It helps you teach your children how to save, spend, donate and invest their money.

1 thought on “Great Gift Idea: The Modern Piggy Bank”

  1. Aside from the social re-engineering factor of having a very large “donate” section (isn’t that what taxes are for?), and only the smallest section being “save”, I have a problem with these type of “four-compartment” piggy banks – why have ANY section specifically for “spend”? It’s not as if the saved money is not going to be spent eventually (and what’s the difference between saving and investing anyhow?), it’s only deferred consumption after all. Having a specific section for “spend” sends out the wrong signal – that you should expect to spend some fixed part of your income each week. Why not just SAVE everything in a piggy bank like the old days, and spend as little as possible?



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