Halloween Costumes and Yes I’m Considering Dropping Some Serious Dough

My son was born two weeks before Halloween. His projected due date was actually just a couple of days before the big holiday so I wasn’t certain that he would arrive in time to celebrate. We didn’t know the gender before he was born so I purchased a gender neutral costume from the thrift store. The outfit was a little too big for him, (he wore newborn clothes for the first few weeks), but that didn’t stop us from dressing him up like a pumpkin and snapping tons of pictures. It was well worth the $3 price tag.

Fast forward one year and I cannot wait to dress the little guy up for Halloween. I went back to the thrift store in search of costumes but I couldn’t find any for his size that weren’t extremely worn and tattered so of course I turned to the Internet where I found this adorable owl costume.

Oh yeah and then there is this ridiculously cute peacock costume.

These two costumes cost roughly $55 a piece, but right now I can get 10% off with the coupon code casket10 and even more off if I spend $100 or more. So I’m considering dropping some serious dough on a seriously adorable little outfit for my little guy. I know it’s not the frugal approach but I’m considering it nonetheless.

Maybe I should check out resale prices on eBay. At least if I do buy one of these I should know how much I might be able to earn back by selling it. Any thoughts, ideas or opinions?

10 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes and Yes I’m Considering Dropping Some Serious Dough”

  1. i dont have kids yet,i have cats.and i have bought them costumes over the years.they are not that expense. obviously the cats hate it.but its so cute.if i were you i would try ebay.they usually have good deals.and then you could resell it when you’re done with it.
    on the other hand you’re frugal in alot of ways .so if you want to spend some money you should .enjoy it.i’m sure he will be adorable in anything you get him.by the way,love your blog

    • That’s too funny about the cats! I tried to do that years ago with mine, but he refused to take part in the festivities. I looked for costumes on eBay, but didn’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I think a splurge is in the works!

  2. Hey I am a long time reader but never comment. commenting now to say that I just happened to be at old navy which just happened to be having a sale on baby Halloween costumes for 25% off, and they were adorable. I’m not 100% certain if they come in all (super teeny) baby sizes, but it could be worth a look …

  3. Try Craigslist or a baby moms forum before you purchase! Someone may have had the same idea a few years ago, and now wants to sell their costume. (You can also put up an ‘I want to buy’ ad.)

    Then hey, if it thrills your soul, $55 isn’t THAT much of a splurge. Go ahead with a clear conscience.

    • Thanks Cindy. I did check Craigslist, but no luck. I did put a request out on the moms forum though. You never know what might turn up. If it doesn’t I think a $55 splurge is in my future.


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